Vegetables to grow in the winter

The growing season is coming to an end but you’ve still got time to sow or plant out some vegetables to grow overwinter. You can sow in modules in a cold frame or in a greenhouse and plant out in a couple of weeks. If you don’t have access to a cold frame or greenhouse, you can use a fleece to help protect the young seedlings.

Broad Beans
Although I don’t grow broad beans myself, I know loads of people who sow broad beans in the autumn for an early crop next year. If they grow too tall, support them with some canes. Come April, you will have a nice early broad bean harvest.

Onions are an excellent vegetable to overwinter. There’s a number of varieties suitable for overwintering; Electric is a good red variety, and I’ve had some excellent results with Snowball is which a white variety.

Spring Cabbage
You should have sown your spring cabbage weeks ago but if you’re lucky, your local garden centre may still have some left. Plant them roughly 12 inches apart and protect them from the pigeons.

Pea shoots
If you like the taste of fresh peas, then try growing pea shoots. Sow in pots and pick them when they’re roughly 4-5 inches tall. They’re excellent in stir fries and salads.

Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow. Plants cloves in light sandy soil 2-3 inches deep, and 1-2 inches in heavy soil. Leave them to do their thing and harvest next year.

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