How to Grow Peas

Nothing beats eating fresh peas straight out the pod on a summers days. You can sow your peas in a cold frame in autumn or straight into the ground in spring. The soil will need to be warm though as peas will rot in cold wet soil, so if you want an early crop cover the soil beforehand to warm it up.

Start by making a trench roughly 2-3 inches deep and give it a good watering. Place your peas in the trench and cover them over with soil. Sow every 2-3 weeks for a constant supply of peas over the summer. To support your peas, you can use bamboo canes, netting, trellis or even branches from trees. The peas climb up their supports as soon as the first tendrils begin to appear.

Harvest regular throughout the summer months and you will be enjoying fresh peas all summer long.

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