How to grow Leeks

How to grow LeeksLeeks are a winter staple. They are hardy plants and require very little attention apart from watering in dry weather. They do however, like a sheltered spot with well-drained soil.

You can sow some varieties as early as January, but most are sown in March/April time. Sow several seeds per module and thin to one or two plants. Plant out in June/July time when they are the size of a pencil.

Planting Out
The white stem of the leek is caused by blanching (excluding the light), so the seedlings need to be planted into holes.  To make the holes, take an old spade handle and push it into the soil to create a hole 6 inches deep. Space each hole around 6-9 inches apart. Once you’ve created enough holes, drop the seedlings into the bottom of them and water well. Keep them well watered in dry weather and keep the bed weed free.

Leeks can be harvested at any time. Simply use a trowel to help lift up the plant as you pull them.

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