An Autumn Harvest

At the beginning of the growing season, I bought myself a variety of pumpkin and squash plants from a local garden centre and threw them into the ground, and left them to look after themselves. Fast forward to September, I noticed some of the plants had started to die back, so I pulled the plants up and left the fruit to mature in the shed. This is the end result, not bad considering they had very little water during the summer months.

A bad tomato harvest

It’s that time of year where I clear out my tomato plants from the greenhouse. Normally I bring back bucket loads of toms that are either ripe or need ripening on the window sill at home. However, this year has been really poor. Throughout the summer, I’ve been picking a few toms here and there, but nothing compared to previous years. Most of the ones I have picked, split almost instantly so I ended up giving them to the chickens.

Tomatoes split when they are allowed to dry out and when watered, the fruit swell too quickly for the skin. Despite my best efforts to keep them watered throughout the summer, it seems the heat was a little too much for them.