Steve’s Allotment Episode 15 – Quick Tour

Today I show you what’s growing in the greenhouse. My early potatoes that are growing in the greenhouse are growing well. The seedlings are doing well and won’t be long until they are planted out.The early potatoes have been topped up with soil, although the main crop aren’t doing anything. I thought I killed a lot of my fruit bushes over winter, but thankfully a lot of them survived. And finally, I show you my wild life pond, which is very much a work in progress.

Steve’s Allotment Episode 14 – Planting this years potatoes

A very quick update showing you how I’m growing my potatoes this year. Couple of handfuls of compost mixed with a hand or two of blood, fish and bone. The potatoes are then planted on this and covered with more compost. Any comments or suggestions, leave a comment below