Steve’s Allotment Episode 24 – August tour

A quick tour of the allotment in late August.
My tomatoes are doing really well, although the giant ones are a complete right off.
Only my main crop potatoes remain.
My sweetcorn are almost ready to harvest.
One of my giant marrows won a first.

Steve’s Allotment Episode 23 – Giant Tomatoes

It’s time for another update from the allotment. The giant marrows have started to fruit. Onions have been pulled up, not exactly an impressive harvest though. The 1st and 2nd early potatoes have been pulled, just the main crops left. And I’m growing some giant tomatoes.

Steve’s Allotment Episode 22 – June walkabout

A quick walkabout at the beginning of June.
The potatoes in the greenhouse are starting to flower and it won’t be long until they are ready to harvest.
Tomatoes are coming along nicely.
Rhubarb is going crazy.
And the pigeons are causing nothing but issues.
Giant marrows have been planted.

Steve’s Allotment Episode 18 – Autumn

A quick look around the allotment. I’ve had some cracking harvests this year; including a 33lb marrow and another which was around 40lb. My potatoes have been lifted, although I’m not happy with the Sarpo Mira crop. I’ve also got my winter veg in and the last of the summer veg is coming to an end.

Steve’s Allotment Episode 14 – Planting this years potatoes

A very quick update showing you how I’m growing my potatoes this year. Couple of handfuls of compost mixed with a hand or two of blood, fish and bone. The potatoes are then planted on this and covered with more compost. Any comments or suggestions, leave a comment below

The Vegetable Growing Year: Jobs to do in September

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The Vegetable Growing Year: Jobs to do in August

Traditionally, August has the best of the summer weather. However, autumn and winter is only round the corner, so it’s time to start planning ahead.  Continue reading