Making Nettle Fertiliser

Making nettle fertiliser is one of the most easiest and cheapest ways to make home made fertiliser. Its rich in nitrogen, iron, magnesium and sulfur, and will do wonders for your plants.

  1. To make nettle fertiliser, get a bucket and fill it with nettles. You can speed up the process by cutting the nettles into smaller chunks but this isn’t essential.
  2. Fill the bucket with water but leave enough so it doesn’t overflow.
  3. Every couple of days, give it a stir and after two-three weeks, it will be ready. Word of warning though, it will smell foul.
  4. Filter out the mixture into another bucket to clear out the debris.
  5.  To use your nettle fertiliser, mix with water (1:10. 1 part nettle fertiliser, 10 part water), and water at the base of your plants.

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