The Vegetable Growing Year: Jobs to do in December

December marks the beginning of winter and the darkest of days. However the coldest weather normally comes late January/early February, so you’ve still got time to catch up on those winter jobs.

There isn’t much you can do in December however here are a few things you can do:

  • Continue digging over the beds and if they need it, add some organic matter. If the soil becomes sticky, stop digging as it can do more harm than good.
  • Now is a good time to turn your compost heap. Turning them over will help it rot down evenly and should be ready to use by spring. Make sure you keep them covered to stop the rain leaching the nutrients into the ground.

What you can be eating now
Keep checking over any vegetables you have in store and remove anything that’s started to rot. Apart from your stored vegetables, here are a few things you can still harvest:

  • Leeks can stay in the ground until needed. However if the ground is frozen this can be a little tricky, so it might be worth freezing a few just in case.
  • You can also lift celery, parsnips and swedes when needed. Cover the ground in straw to stop it from freezing over. This will help lifting easier.
  • Your Brussels sprouts should be in full swing now. Pick from the base and work your way upwards. If any of the leaves have gone yellow, remove them to help keep the plant healthy.

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