Massive radish, splitting onions and a strawberry bed

If you read my previous post, you will have seen I went overboard with the radish in the square foot bed. Well this weekend, I started to harvest them and in the process pulled up some rather large but tasty roots out. Most where an inch across, while some measured around 3 inches. The one below was one of the larger ones.

Massive radish

Needles to say I have radish coming out of my ears and I’ve already gave a few away to family members.

I also noticed a couple of my onions splitting. This could be down to a number of things; too much fertilizer, lack of water (it has been dry the last couple of months – minus the recent rain). I’ll keep my eye on them in case more start to split.

Splitting Onions

Over to my strawberry bed and they seem to be doing well, although one side is doing better than the other. Spurred on by how well they are doing, I gave the bed a weeding and covered in netting. In contrast, the left image below was my strawberry bed at the beginning of May last year, and the image on the right is the bed at the end of May this year. I’m hoping to add more strawberry plants to my collection, but I’m running out of room.


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