It just keeps coming

The weather recently has been hot and I mean hot. Although I’ve been down the allotment, most of the jobs are on hold because of the heat. The only thing I can do is water and harvest as crops become available, and boy I’ve had some good harvests!

Since my last update, all my first and second early potatoes have been dug up and stored for when we need them. As mentioned before, the ones in the ground where a lot bigger than the ones grown in the tubs and they make really nice jackets.

Another harvestThe peas have been non stop and most have been frozen ready for the winter months. Strawberries, have been fantastic this year, although next year I want to space them further apart as they’ve been a bugger to pick. The beetroot again have been non stop and this year I got the lettuce just right. Last year I had nothing but lettuce and I was sick of eating it. This year I’ve got just enough to keep me going. Go me!

Although I’ve said I haven’t done much on the plot, I have planted out some sprouts in one of the beds that had potatoes in and I also planted up some kale into the large tubs. These were only five minute jobs and so didn’t take long.

I’m now in the process of creating some raised beds. They’re still in the planning stages but I hope to have the first one started sometime next week and then I can plant out some leeks. I know its a little late in the year to plant them out, but the ones last year didn’t do anything and I really want some leeks. I’ll keep you posted.

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