How to grow Courgettes and Marrows

Courgettes and marrows are technically the same fruit, however marrows are left on the plant to grow for longer. They are a prolific cropper and you will always end up with more than you can eat. They are also easy to grow and look after, making them perfect for a beginner.

How to grow courgettes

Preparing the ground
You can get away without digging the whole bed over as they are generally a trailing plant. Instead, dig a hole around 1-2 feet wide and fill it with well rotted manure or organic matter.

Sowing and planting out
Sow the seeds vertically in pots either in the greenhouse or a warm sunny windowsill between late April and June. You can sow them outdoors but you will need to be sure the risk of frost as passed. Once the last frost as passed, plant them into the holes you prepared earlier in the year. Once you’ve planted them out, it might be worth covering them with a cloche during the night to give them a little protection until they’ve got established. Keep them well watered through the summer months.

You can harvest courgettes when the fruit reaches 4-5 inches long, while marrows can be harvested at 9-11 inches long. Simply twist the fruit off or cut them with a sharp knife. Courgettes don’t store for more than a couple of weeks, so pick as and when required. You can also blanch them for a minute or two and freeze to use later on.

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