Harvest time

In my last post, I said my potatoes would be ready to harvest within a couple of weeks. Well the following weekend, I couldn’t help myself and emptied one of the tubs to see if there was anything in there and I was treated to some tasty taters. Along with the potatoes, I have some strawberries, beetroot, carrots and some onions, and had the lot for dinner that evening. My first proper harvest of the year. 

The reason for this post is to show you the difference between the potatoes grown in the tubs and ones grown in the ground. I’ve found the potatoes that were grown in tubs were smaller but there was a lot more of them. Not sure why this is but they do make nice salad potatoes. The ones in the ground were larger than the ones in the tubs but there was far less of them.

Both the tubs and the ones in the ground were given plenty of manure and organic matter, but the tubs had to be watered more often because pots and tubs naturally dry out quicker, so the growing conditions were almost the same. Again I’m not sure why the difference but its something I’m going to carry on experimenting with for the next couple of years. Maybe someone can answer why?

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