How to Grow Plums

Plums are one of the great unexplored parts of the fruit world. In the past there were many different varieties, all with different flavours and textures, but now all knowledge of such fruit seems to have been lost. At most, one or two varieties surface occasionally in shops, but few people seem to know of the treasury of delights that could be available. Fortunately, many of the old varieties are available from specialist nurseries, and anyone who takes the trouble to search them out is really in for a treat.

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Something new

I’ve managed to get another plot! It’s on the same site has my existing one and better still, it’s the plot next door. My plans for the new plot is to make it into a work area with a couple of beds. The problem I have got with my existing plot is that I’ve got nowhere to work (sowing and planting up seedlings etc), so this new plot with help tremendously. Continue reading