Square Foot Bed

Last year I stumbled across the concept of square foot gardening. The idea is that you create a bed and divide it into sections to create a densely planted bed, and in each section you plant a different variety of vegetable or plant. Wanting to give this a try, I created a new bed over winter that was roughly 5 metres long and about a metre wide, filled it with fresh manure and compost, ready to be planted in spring.

At the beginning of April I started to sow a mixture of vegetables in the bed and over the last couple of weeks, things have really took off.

Radish, carrots and onions

As you can see, I went a little overboard with radish but because they are quick to grow and mature, I really don’t mind. You may also notice that I have tried to keep my carrots next to the onions. The idea behind this is to try and keep carrot fly away as the onions mask the smell of the carrots.


Beetroot coming along nicely. When the roots start to form, I’ll thin them out and use the baby roots in salads.

Tree Onion

One of my tree onions that I got from the Malvern Spring Show a couple of weeks ago. They’re similar to normal onions however instead of flowers forming at the tips, tiny little onions appear.

I’ve also sown some dwarf french beans, marigolds and a few other odds and sods but they’ve yet to appear.

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