Chillies – Feel the burn

This year I have decided to grow three varieties of chillies; Mulato Isleno, Spike and Hotscotch. The Mulato Isleno and Spike varieties where both from Sea Spring Seeds while the Hotscotch variety was from Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds. The Mulato Isleno is a mild chilli that I want to use in my cooking and when ripe is a chocolate brown colour. Spike has a SHU around 97,000 which is perfect to make some chilli flakes. The Hotscotch variety is described as blazing hot habanera and scotch bonnet peppers with a fiery taste. Brilliant!

All three varieties were sown in the middle of February and left on the windowsill until last week when they were ready to pot on. I’ve decided to grow two of each variety this year, as last year I had too many and they overran my dads greenhouse. They will stay on the windowsill until the end of April and moved to either my dads greenhouse or in the cold frame on the allotment. This years chillies

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